Partners in Care Initiative


Focusing on strengthening relationships between Family Physicians (FPs) and Specialists to improve collaborative patient care, Nanaimo physicans are working together in the following areas :

Emergency Room Medicine

FPs and Emergency Room Physicians (ERPs) working to streamline referral, consult and discharge processes, shared care planning, communications, telephone advice protocols, and more.

Mental Health

Seamless communication, collaboration and shared care between FPs and adult and senior mental health services, incorporating substance use within the continuum of care. The group hopes to achieve this through;

  • Improving personal relationships between FPs and Psychiatry Services
  • Making it easier for FPs to understand services available and make referrals
  • Improving quality of referrals
  • Improving awareness, availability and access to resources for patients

Internal Medicine

FPs and Internal Medicine Specialists are collaborating to establish open avenues of communication.

Wound Care

Improving care coordination and access to specialist consults for patients with chronic wounds. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Group Visit Model

Implementing CBT Group Medical Visit Model in Nanaimo to increase access to care for patients with mild to moderate anxiety and depression.