JCCs Partnership with BCPSQC


Over the past two years, the Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs) have partnered with BCPSQC for two events: the JCC Showcase in 2016 and Simplifying the Journey in 2017. Both events highlighted the diverse and varied work of the collaborative committees, and other health care partners, while also sharing successes and challenges to inform future quality improvement initiatives.

We are pleased to be able to continue our partnership with BCPSQC’s Quality Forum in 2018, with our pre-Forum event ‘Champions of Change.’ We hope that physicians and other health care providers, whether actively engaged or interested in getting involved in quality improvement, will join other champions in developing solutions towards an improved health care system.

JCC Event - Champions of Change 2018

February 21 | Time & Cost TBA

Physicians and other health care professionals will share successful work and emerging ideas, and all participants will have the opportunity to both teach and learn from one another to support a shared culture of care. Together we will look at solutions to expand and sustain health care improvements, and learn from successful change initiatives that are coordinating primary care and supporting patient and family-centred models of care.

Submit Presentation Abstracts by September 8th

Abstracts submitted for this event as well as the Quality Forum’s main two days of programming will follow the same presentation formats, categories and criteria, and you are welcome to submit your abstract for both events. Your work does not have to be funded by the JCCs to be eligible for presentation. The submission deadline is September 8. Submit your abstract here

Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs) – Who We Are

The Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs), both individually and collectively, mobilize the medical profession to foster collaboration and improvements to better meet the needs of patients and families in BC. This innovative partnership of the Ministry of Health, Doctors of BC, health authorities and patients, supports an environment in which doctors are empowered to co-design and shape the future of BC’s health care system.

Each Joint Collaborative Committee – General Practice Services, Shared Care, Specialist Services, and the Joint Standing Committee for Rural Issues – approaches complex system issues and the needs of patients and providers in its unique way. Collectively, the JCCs are solidly focused on impacting BC’s health system priorities, while supporting the strategic goals of Doctors of BC.https://qualityforum.ca/call-for-abstracts/