Welcome to Shared Care

Bringing GPs and Specialists together for coordinated patient care

Since 2006, the Shared Care Committee has supported GPs and specialist physicians to work together on over 240 projects across BC to improve the flow of patient care from primary to specialist services.

Formed in 2006 as part of the Physician Master Agreement, the Shared Care Committee is one of four joint collaborative committees representing a partnership of the government of BC and Doctors of BC. Shared Care works closely with the other committees (General Practice Services Committee, Specialist Services Committee, Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues) but has its own distinct mandate and projects.

Details of our work can be found under 'Initiatives' on this site, or you can take a look at our project stats by health region, rural vs urban, areas of focus, population, and others here.

Polypharmacy Risk Reduction

Reducing risks from multiple medications for our elderly population. Learn how here

Coordinated Seniors Care Initiative

Working towards a coordinated experience of care for patients with complex needs

Initiatives by region

Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use, Partners in Care, Transitions in Care and Polypharmacy Risk Reduction