Committee Members

The Shared Care committee consists of four physicians appointed by the Board of the Doctors of BC, and four members appointed by the Ministry of Health. The Committee also includes representation from each of the province’s health authorities, as well as two patient and family representatives.

* Voting member 

Doctors of BC

Dr Ken Hughes, Co-Chair*

Dr Kathy Lee*

Dr Jiwei Li*

Dr Shelley Ross*

Dr Ian Schokking*

Dr Elisabeth Baerg-Hall (alternate)

Dr Cole Stanley (alternate)

Ministry Of Health

Shana Ooms, Co-Chair*

Evan Howatson*

Health Authorities

Dr Curtis Bell, Interior Health

Dr Shannon Douglas, Northern Health

Marnie Gazankas, Vancouver Coastal Health (for Jillian Kratzer)

Rolando Barrios, Vancouver Coastal Health (for Jillian Kratzer)

Alexandra Flatt, Provincial Health Services

Dr David Robertson, Island Health

Kathleen Chouinor, Fraser Health

Patients And Family Representatives

Vicki Kendall (Patient Partner)

Iris Kisch, Patient Partner (On Leave)

Barb Maclean, Family Caregivers Of BC

Staff Support

Carolyn Brandly, Liaison, SCC

Ryan Davis, Business Analyst, SCC

Lisa Despins, Communications Officer, SCC

Margaret English, Director, SCC

Sarah Forster, Liaison, SCC

Raveena Garcha, Senior Admin. Assistant, SCC

Raymon Grewal, Liaison, SCC

Eileen Janel, Senior Project Coordinator, SCC

Tracy Miyashita, Interim Liaison, SCC

Katie Purych, Senior Admin. Assistant, SCC

April Riglar, Admin. Assistant, SCC

Krysta Wallbank, Project Coordinator, SCC